Set Frequency to Radio

How to set frequency on your radio with your Enigma

0Press the Zero Key to bring up a list of closest airports and this screen:

Closest airports are displayed with relative direction arrow, distance, identifier, primary frequency and runway headings.

4Press 4 to select EMT (El Monte, CA) and bring up this screen with frequencies and runways for the airport:


At this point, pressing 1 automatically sets ATIS frequency to your radio:

1 118.75 MHz

When you have checked ATIS, you can press 3 to set Tower frequency to your radio:

3 121.2 MHz

MENUWhen you have Tower you can press the Menu key to go back to your navigation with Tower frequency set on radio:



The Enigma greatly reduces workload when flying in busy airspace environments by helping you find and set frequencies to your airband transceiver.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need a compatible radio with a serial input connected to your Enigma. Right now this includes:

  • XCOM 760
  • Garmin SL-40
  • Garmin SL-30 nav/com
  • Filser

Once these are installed and communicating, simply follow the procedure at right to set frequencies to your radio.


XCOM Instructions:

You need to enable the serial interface on the XCOM radio. You can do this executing the following steps:

1. Switch the unit off by holding the ON button for 3 secs
2. Hold down the DUAL and MODE buttons and press ON
3. The unit should start and show the software version (Note the version)
4. Press the F/CH knob until RHEAD is shown
5. Turn the F/CH knob clockwise and the display should show ON
6. Press the FLIP/FLOP (double arrow) button

Once this is done the serial interface will be enabled and you can set frequency to the XCOM from your Enigma.